William C. Goggins | Attorney At Law

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Attorney Goggins Researches a CaseWilliam C. Goggins is an experienced civil litigator. The primary focus of the civil practice involves personal injury claims, Surrogates Court litigation, and contract disputes. Mr. Goggins has won numerous verdicts and decisions on behalf of his clients. William C. Goggins has handled over 3,000 civil and criminal matters resulting in favorable dispositions for his clients over the past twenty (20) years. As an experienced trial attorney, Mr. Goggins has engaged in over one hundred (100) civil and criminal trials. As an effective trial lawyer, Mr. Goggins has been able to secure numerous jury verdicts and decisions in favor of his clients. Mr. Goggins has become one of the most experienced and competent attorneys in Suffolk County handling Driving While Intoxicated trials as well as personal injury litigation.